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LATIN AMERICA | 30-07-2019 15:46

Trump says US to begin working on free-trade deal with Brazil

“We’re going to work on a free-trade agreement with Brazil,” US president tells reporters in Washington

US President Donald Trump said the United States will pursue a trade deal with Latin America’s largest nation, one of the least open economies in the world, highlighting his close personal relationship with his Brazilian counterpart.

“We’re going to work on a free-trade agreement with Brazil,” Trump told reporters in Washington, in response to a question about the possibility. “Brazil is a big trading partner. They charge us a lot of tariffs but, other than that, we love the relationship.”

China overtook the US as Brazil’s top trading partner around a decade ago, but President Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly spoken of his desire to expand trade relations with the US, currently worth around US$62 billion a year. In a recent visit to Washington he told business leaders that Brazil would be willing to forgo some benefits at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in return for a deal with the United States