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Lula, Bolsonaro react to PASO vote

The jailed former Brazilian president tweeted: "It's necessary to give hope to the people, to bring better days and tend to those who need it most."

The current and former Brazilian presidents have reacted to Frente de Todos' victory over President Mauricio Macri in Sunday’s primary vote. 

“Congratulations to our friends @alferdez and @CFKArgentina for an expressive result in the Argentine primaries,” former president Luiz Inácio Lula de Silva tweeted on Monday. “It’s necessary to give hope to the people, to bring better days and tend to those who need it most.” 

Lula, who has been jailed since last year on a corruption conviction that has since been called into question for judicial partiality, was visited in July by Fernández. 

The Frente de Todos candidate at the time called the former Brazilian leader’s imprisonment a “stain on Brazil.” 

Jair Bolsonaro, the country's current president, said Monday that a victory by the Kirchnerites in October's general election could trigger an exodus of Argentine refugees fleeing to Brazil.

"We don't want our Argentine brothers running to here," Bolsonaro said, comparing the hypothetical situation to the ongoing Venezuelan refugee crisis.

The economic backlash triggered by Fernandez’s victory over Macri has raised speculation that Brazil’s sputtering economy might be affected. Possible repercussions could include a weakening of the Brazilian real and a prevention of further interest rate cuts by the country’s policy makers, according to Bloomberg. 


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