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ARGENTINA | 01-12-2017 19:42

In this week's Times: ESMA trial and the history of the Navy Mechanics School

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All eyes were drawn to the courts this week, as sentences were handed down in the ESMA 'megatrial'. The trial focused around crimes committed at the ex-ESMA Navy Mechanics School and is part of an effort to seek justice for the atrocities, torture and crimes against humanity that happened there. Only a fraction of the estimated 5,000 opponents of the last military dictatorship, which ruled from 1976-1983, survived being sent there. In this week's Times, Luciana Bertoia takes us through the trial - which saw 29 people handed life sentences and 19 given sentences of between eight and 25 years for their involvement in the so-called "death flights" - and guides us through the history of one of Argentina's most infamous locations.

In another packed edition, we'll also round up the biggest news and economic stories of the week, paying close attention to Argentina's formal takeover of the G20 presidency, the developments in the search for the missing ARA San Juan submarine and the controversial death of Mapuche militant Rafael Nahuel. Turning toward Latin America, we'll focus on two presidents who are seeking more time in office: Bolivia's Evo Morales and Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro.

In Sports, we'll focus on Argentina's draw for the Russia 2018 World Cup and Lanús' defeat to Gremio in the Copa Libertadores final. Cristiana Visan, meanwhile, will head our Culture covering, picking out the choice cuts from three alternative film festivals in the capital, as well as telling us what to expect from Comic-Con.

In our Opinion and Analysis section, Agustino Fontevecchia tackles the Nahuel killing and gives us the lowdown on the Mapuche issue. Add in exclusive columns from Andrew Graham-Yooll, James Neilson and Michael Soltys and you have this Saturday's edition of the Buenos Aires Times.

Pick up your copy of Argentina's only English-language newspaper this and every Saturday, inside Perfil!

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