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ARGENTINA | 08-12-2017 10:42

Congress to debate key gov't reforms until NYE

The 2017 budget, tax reform, fiscal responsibility and labour reform will be debated in the new Congress until December 31, after President Mauricio Macri signed a decree extending its sitting period..

Congress will sit until December 31 to debate budget measures and key reform packages in the areas of taxation, fiscal responsibility and labour, after President Mauricio Macri signed a presidential decree Friday calling for extraordinary sessions.

“The decree will be released today and will include many of the topics we’ve been debating: budget, tax reform, fiscal responsibility and labour reform,” Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña confirmed.

Speaking to journalists he said: “There will also probably be special sessions in February.”

“If there are some things not in this decree, they will be in the next one”, he said indicating the government’s big ambitions in the new Congress where despite the Cambiemos coalition’s successes in the October mid-terms it still lacks a working majority.

Congress is also expected to debate international treaties and agreements in the upcoming extraordinary sessions.


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